The exhibition is a celebration of diversity, of all diversities: diversity in gender, body and sexual preferences; diversity in the artists participating, in their age (13 to 84), their origins (≈ 15 different countries), and the media the use: video, photography, black marble sculpture, textiles, drawing, painting, chocolates, posters to donate, books, messages; diversity in colors, beliefs and of biodiversity.Loving diversity is one path towards peace and so is art, crossing borders, beyond borders, for the sake of creation and humanity.

The presentation draws out the coincidences between the increase in production of body-horror fiction films with the establishing of restrictions of female reproduction rights. The given examples encompass the increased production of body-horror films in the 60’s and the recent revival of this sub-genre.

Launch of the émergences magazine by commune Paris. Featured artists:Ines AlphaJimmy BeauquesneLucien BitauxXolo CuintleCorentin DarréThéo GhigliaNoémie GoudalCharlotte HeningerKimPetrasPaintinasAmandine KuhlmannTom LeloucheBruno MetraIvan MuritSalomé PatroucheMarilou PoncinLouise RocardHugo ServaninMerel Van de KasteelJeanne VicerialAgata Wieczorek