Parallel Atlas 2019

An Atlas, a compendium of places and territories or, according to Aby Warburg, a collection of works and interconnected images that allows us to establish multiple readings, create correlations, and suggest pathways to explore it. In this Atlas, dedicated to the 2nd cycle of PARALLEL Platform, we share with you the creative routes that have been covered during the second year of the platform. The diversity of the proposals and the creative paths crossed already point to the heterogeneity which may be one of the hallmarks of the new generation of creators in the visual arts scene. This new cycle, and the work produced by the participating artists and curators, is shaped by many influences, some of them related to our current social dynamics. In fact, there is a crossover between the socio-economic-cultural environment and the artistic process. Instead of an eventual creative alienation, there is natural interaction, a permeation, and a broad reading of the PARALLEL Platform work process allow us to discover some parallels between these two ‘universes’.

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Artists: Agata Wieczorek, Ana Zibelnik, André Viking, Christel Thomsen, Cihad Caner, Dániel Szalai, Diogo Bento, Dries Lips, Ela Polkowska, Fábio Cunha, Federico Ciamei, Garrett Grove, Hannamari Shakya, Inês Marinho, Jake Mein, Jessica Wolfelsperger, José Alves, Laura Konttinen, Louisa Boeszoermeny, Mary Lukasiewicz, Martin Eberlen, Mateusz Kowalik, Matthew Thompson, Nils Stelte, Rocco Venezia, Róisín White, Sinead Kennedy

Curators: Cale Garrido, Eric Lawton, Jon Uriarte, Leanna Teoh, Lexington Davis, Lovro Japundzic, Seda Yildiz

Released at Parallel Intersection Budapest Sep 2019 ISBN: 978-989-54206-3-6 [Watch full catalog]