Out of sight, picturing the unseen

Visual media possesses a powerful ability to create subjects and define norms, a fact recognized by many lens-based artists working in cultural climates where conversations about representation and identity have become central to public discourse. The exhibition Out of Sight: Picturing the Unseen highlights new work by four emerging interdisciplinary artists who question and explore the fraught relationship between visibility and the construction of “Otherness.” They approach the unseen as a process—an “unseeing”—in which certain groups of people are systematically erased, silenced, sidelined, and recreated according to the needs of a dominant culture. They ask who remains unseen, particularly in the West, and how privilege directly influences one’s access to tools of self-representation.

Artists: Cihad Caner, Róisín Whinte, Sinead Kennedy, Agata Wieczorek
Curator: Lexington Davis

Released at The Finnish Museum of Photography – Helsinki, Finland, June 2019; ISBN: 978-989-54206-2-9 [Watch full catalog]