Art Laboratory Berlin

UNBORN0x9 is part of the ART4MED cooperation program which focuses on methodological framework advocating collaborations between artists/health/biomedical researchers. Aiming for border crossing knowledge sharing – across nation, race, gender, real, virtual, UNBORN0x9 launches a multi-interface Web Platform.

Concept & Interface design: Shu Lea Cheang

Programmation: Labomedia with Benjamin Cadon, Nicolas Derambure

Babies.mp3: Atau Tanaka

For the studies in three specific topics – ultrasound, ectogenesis, surrogacy, the online reading group invites for each topic a respective LEADER to guide a public reading session. Joined by the registered online readers and the general public, the online live event incorporates reading materials, co-writing pads, online chats & audio streaming in its multi-interface entries, aiming to to engage public debate on the designated subject matters.