The Eyes

In 2020 the polish artist Agata Wieczorek, in residence – studio national des arts contemporains, produced a series of photographs and a court metrage called growing. Estelle benazet heugenhauser, the project’s production manager as well as an author, talks about the film and its scope.

fragm. of „Chabre Froid / Cold Room”
text by Estelle Benazet HEUGENHAUSER

“Changing times: Art facing a new world” brings together proposals from artists and authors inviting us to question how the world of art and more specifically the visual art world – can act, react and interact in the face of the constantly changing environment in which we live.

Introduction by Rémi Coignet, author and critic

Artists’ portfolios: Agata Wieczorek, Ana Zibelnik, Thomas Wynne, Glorija Lizde, Ines Marinho and Negar Yaghmaian. Essays by Laura Konttinen, Seda Yildiz and Cihad Caner.

This book was produced in the framework of the 4th edition of the PARALLEL programme, which brings together European creative organisations committed to promoting exchanges towards new standards in contemporary photography.

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