May 6 – May 29, 2021
Pavillon Populaire – Montpellier
Boutographies, Official Selection

The term mutation, which has often been used to characterise the contemporary, is now taking on a new and especially critical perceptiveness. Accelerated biological phenomena, on the scale of the entire planet, remind us of the fragility of our human, social and economic organisms. These upheavals, which follow on from one another with a speed never before experienced, cover slower movements that continue uninterrupted.

Among these developments, some have found a particular echo in the series of images we received last year and this year, particularly those concerning cultural identity, sexual identity and parenthood. The principles that have often been considered as forever assigned to a territory, a gender, a social status, are frequently called into question, while, on the other hand, reaffirmed aspirations to local, national or family identities are spreading, sometimes in authoritarian forms. The photographers of the 2021 selection, immersed in a world that is intensely their own, are sensitive to these perpetual but particularly acute questions today.

Christian Maccotta
Artistic Director

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